Aerial Drone Photography, Video and 360 Panoramas.

You can add drone photography when you order photos. Likewise you can incorporate drone footage into your videos.

Drone aerial photos and video have impact. Offering a perspective that goes far beyond the properties boundary. Transforming a landscape into a vista. Visually explaining the properties connections to the local area and beyond. Aerial images significantly increase the attention your listing receives. They make people pause, press that share button or dig out their phone and call.

Drone Photography

Our drones capture still images at 48 megapixels with enough detail to be printed on a billboard. The photos are shot in the RAW format with exposure bracketing, enabling advance colour correction and editing. The final images are breathtaking.

Drone Video

Drone footage can be used in a self contained video or incorporated into a Real Estate Video Tour. The birds eye perspective is both informative and visually spectacular. It is also a great way of showing the property’s proximity to local amenities like parks, schools and transport hubs.

We shoot our drone footage at 4K resolution at up to 60 frames per second. Resulting in beautifully smooth video. Giving customers maximum flexibility. If the customer is on site they can preview the footage immediately. You can see what is being filmed when it is filmed. There is a live feed from the drone camera allowing the customer to direct the project during the filming process. Footage is edited and colour graded. It can be delivered as a stand alone video or incorporated in a real estate walk through video.

Aerial Drone Videos with Overlays.

Aerial 360 Panorama

An Aerial panorama can be incorporated into a 360 Virtual Tour or stand alone. Show the property in context to its local area and beyond. The buyer can visualize a wealth of information including the floor plan, property boundary and it’s proximity to local points of interest.

Real Estate Drone Photography

Set your property listing above the rest with a drone

It’s challenging to stand out online, which is why real estate video producers need to get creative when marketing properties on the internet. in Sydney’s property market listings with unsophisticated images result in higher bounce rates and fewer sales/leases, lost or forgotten in the sea of listings trying to stand out.

This is why here at Nathan James Photography and Videography, we offer real estate drone photography, helping realtors’ property listings outshine the rest. Using the latest technology combined with years of experience, we produce premium property photography and videography across Sydney’s Northern Beaches, North Shore, Inner West and Hills district. But if you’re unsure about how real estate drone photography can help boost your property listing, continue reading to find out more.

What is real estate drone photography?

Alright, so you might be asking what even is real estate drone photography? Also known as real estate aerial photography, this practice involves snapping pictures or videos of your property using an unmanned, control-operated aerial vehicle from a birds-eye view. The photos are taken with the latest technology and produce high-resolution images so you can see the property and its surroundings in clear, extensive detail.

Drone photography is perfect for showcasing all property types and should be considered a serious resource when advertising properties online. Whether it’s shooting residential properties, commercial real estate, or large areas of land, drone photography is a sure-fire way to make your property really stand out to potential buyers.

Why is drone photography and video important for real estate?

Not only are the images and videos taken from a drone eye-catching, but drone photography allows potential buyers to see the property from all angles as well as the surrounding areas. It gives them an extensive look into the neighborhood and how the property is placed within it from a top-down perspective. More than that, though, property listings that contain aerial footage stand out. They show buyers and sellers that you really care about marketing the property well and that you understand the importance of sharing access to a property in its entirety.

Real estate drone video and photography adds prestige to your listing, and with the increasing popularity of online marketing, it’s vital that your ads attract the attention of buyers and/or potential tenants. Additionally, aerial photography on real estate listings attracts sellers, meaning you can market a property and your brand simultaneously. Sellers want to deal with compassionate professionals who really care about their property and how it’s marketed to the public. So kill two birds with one stone and contact Nathan James Photography and Videography for all your real estate drone photography needs.

How does real estate drone video help market properties?

How many listings have you read or written that describe the surrounding areas of a property as being ‘close to shops’ or having the ‘nearest school a stone’s throw away’? I’d put money on those lines being used almost daily in real estate listings all across Sydney. But simply describing the whereabouts of something nearby doesn’t necessarily mean buyers and sellers are on board with your listing. See, as human’s, we’re naturally critical thinkers, and we love to hold others accountable for their word. However, just saying something doesn’t make it accurate, right? And if you’re trying to sell something quickly, what might stop you from embellishing the listing a little?

Hiring a professional to shoot real estate drone videos of the property in question and the surrounding neighborhood gives consumers a comprehensive look at the property from a birds eye view and from all angles. They are able to see the surrounding areas as well as how their potential property looks in its entirety. All this from the comfort of their own homes. Don’t make buyers and tenants just take your word for it but rather let the stunning Sydney properties speak for themselves with a professional, comprehensive drone video produced by the experts at Nathan James Photography and Videography.

If you need help with your real estate drone photography in Sydney, contact Nathan James Photography and Videography today

If you’re in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, North Shore, Inner West, or Hills District and are looking for a full service real estate photographer and videographer, you’ll find it with Nathan James Photography and Videography. With experience and a passion for producing quality visuals, I’ll capture the attention of the serious buyers.

At Nathan James Photography and Videography, we understand that the appeal of a property doesn’t end at it’s fence. There is much more to it’s story that can persuade a buyer. Aerial photos and video convey a wealth of information and context. Drone images are becoming competitively more important and far less expensive to produce in the market place of attention.

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