Booking Request Form

A Call Out fee of $75 is applicable to all site visits except those listed below:

  • Properties within 10 km of Epping NSW pay a reduced Call Out fee of $55.
  • Properties in excess of 25 km from Epping may be charged tolls and/or a per kilometer rate and may differ from the Online Booking quote. Contact us for details.
  • The Call Out fee is applied each time the site is visited.
  • If paid car parking is required this cost will be passed on to the customer. Provide Visitor Parking where possible.
  • Multiple services can be booked per Call Out. Schedule permitting.
  • If we can’t perform all the services ordered at the scheduled time, an additional Call Out may be required incurring an additional Call Out fee.

We will contact you within 24 hours (Monday to Friday) once the form has been submitted.

Select Required Services. Multiple services can be selected:

* Include the area code for land line numbers. For example: 02 98765432
We typically need 2 days notice. You will be notified if the time and date is available. If unavailable you will offered the next available booking time.
Price: $ 75.00
Properties in excess of 25 km from Epping may be charged tolls and/or an additional per kilometer rate.
Include Suburb of Agency.
The booking is not confirmed until we have contacted you and both parties have agreed and confirmed the appointment. We will contact you for confirmation within 8 hours by phone, SMS or email.