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Nathan James Photography and Videography

Working in real estate photography I’ve discovered that successful real estate marketing is based on beautiful information rich media. Thus the importance of hiring, not just a photographer, but a dedicated real estate photographer. The following are the reasons to hire Nathan James Photography and Videography. Who are, without doubt, dedicated to high quality real estate photography and media content.

We process images in house and therefore have greater control. We are a team of 3 photographers who also edit the images we capture. This enables greater quality control. Achieving higher quality images while maintaining a competitive price. With the overwhelming majority of home buyers deciding on visiting a property after viewing the listing’s online photos, it is of paramount importance that the real estate marketing exploit the full potential of this medium. Not a single image is delivered that has not been inspected and approved by Nathan himself.

We are located in Epping, Sydney. We service the central and northern regions of Greater Sydney.

Raw Data on Real Estate Photography and Media Content

Homes that utilise specialist real estate photography for their listing sell between $3000 to $11,000 over market price and 32% faster than using standard photos.

Homes with more photos also sell faster. A home with a single photo will on average spend 70 days on the market, compared to a home with 20 photos spending only 32 days on the market.

Statistics courtesy of According to rismedia.com, and the US National Association of Realtors.

What is the impetus behind these statistics?

Even a cursory Cost/Benefits analysis demonstrates that the benefits of hiring a dedicated real estate photographer overwhelmingly out weight it’s cost. Selling property requires a realtor to engage in a broad range of marketing tasks. Of which managing online promotion is a substantial component. Delegating the photography and media content to a professional has considerable upside in time and money saved. And, of course, the final result. Primarily a realtor wants to demonstrating that they’re worth the commission.

Your brand and your credibility is represented in your listing’s photography and media content.

Interesting and Good Looking

The higher the price of the listing the greater the the return on marketing investment. First impressions linger. Photos that are memorable are also very shareable. Even more so when they include drone photography and video. Everyone would rather fly than walk.

With this in mind drone photography and video has a appreciable pay off. The reason is simple. It looks glorious and is highly informative. It’s prestigious look has led to it becoming the expectation for most listings in Sydney. Drone footage demonstrates proximity to amenities and local community features. Enhancing the perceived value of the home and underpinning the price in a buying decision.

If the property is an a CASA approved fly zone, which the majority of Sydney is, the cost of drone footage is a fraction of what is was just 5 years ago. Even in more regulated air space the price of drone footage can usually be justified.

With high-end luxury listings, over the million dollars asking price, twilight shots are becoming the expectation. However the extra expense of these photos can still be justified for lower priced properties. Relitively speaking they are still a small part of the overall marketing budget.

The better a home is pressented the greater the perceived value and the higher the demand. Simple keynesian economics states stimulating demand results in a higher price point.

Ultimately the more people that go to showings the greater the chance of the home getting sold. More traffic in a less time results in a faster sale.

It has become obvious that an online presence for your property through social media will increase the audience reach far more than just word of mouth. Nathan James photography and Videography is perfect for this. Polished professional real estate photographs allow you to fully exploit social media trends.

Photography and media content gives the seller more information to share. Paid advertising will further accelerate the listing exposure. Thereby generating more in person traffic to the home.

Get More Offers

Stunning professional real estate photographs still require the home to be priced correctly. None the less an informative marketing campaign aids in credibly justifying the price sought.

Property get fewer offers when perceived as over priced. Photography and media content is crucial in explaining the value of a property. In order to consistently exceed expectations with your listings, the price must align with the comparative market analysis and the sellers should know what is required for the home to be presented and photographed. That is to say, you’ll rely heavily on the photography and media content. As a result it is crucial in targeting potential buyers.

Nathan James Photography and Videography attracts the attention of people who are more than browsing. People who are looking to buy are looking for details. They are looking to be convinced. Searching for the home within the house. Each shot has a purpose. They need to be aesthetic or informational, or both. They may highlight the size of a room, how much natural light it receives, it’s functionality, styling or it’s connection to the rest of the property. They must trigger an emotion in order to entice the potential buyer to examine the listing further. Our service takes these factors into account. Resulting, above all, in you getting more offers for your listing.

Attract Sellers

Well pressented real estate photography and media content attracts more sellers. In working with realtors over the years, I’ve heard numerous accounts that professional marketing content attracts sellers. Because they see value in using a competent agent. Therefore sellers look for agents that deliver this and notice well presented listings. Hiring Nathan James Photography and Videography is your best investment for attracting more sellers.

Photography and media content becomes your marketing portfolio. Multi Listing Sites remove, archive or move sold listing to lower traffic web pages. However photography and media content can be reused in an online portfolio or agency web site. To promote yourself and your realty. Content that generates leads of buyers and sellers. It service as content for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Youtube, furthering your business exposure. Photography and media content that links back to you as the listing agent indefinitely. You can fully capitalise on your investment in quality content.

The Benefits of Hiring Nathan James Photography and Videography

We are real estate content specialists. While we also provide Head Shot photography for realtors, we don’t shoot weddings, engagements, or family portraits because the techniques for shooting and editing these are completely different. Likewise we create video for real estate related projects beyond property walkthroughs like realty promotional videos and agent profiles, because of the synergies with our primary services. Nathan James Photography and Videography focus on photography and media content for residential and commercial real estate. While not all of our customers are real estate agents they are in industries that service this market like architects, painters, renovators and builders.

Real estate photography, video and media content must be informative as well as aesthetic. Images need to represent the colour and clarity comparable to that seen by the human eye. Standard photography can not achieve this, as it requires specific image capture, editing and processing techniques. Nathan James Photography and Videography employ these techniques to ensure your listings stand out amongst the competition.

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