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Due to prevailing cultural trends a real estate videographer is becoming increasingly important in property marketing. More than ever people want their information dished up in video format. Our most adored stories are imparted through the magic of moving pictures. Settling back to watch Netflix, an evening at the cinema or a Youtube documentary. Video elicits genuine emotion. Consequently they are easily absorbed. However with so many sources of information vying for views it is critical that real estate videography delivers on the viewers expectation. Potential buyers expect to learn about the property. Just as it is true for a real estate photographer, everything that appears on screen, and heard through the speakers, needs to serve this expectation.

Buyers are looking for the right fit. Any particular property will appeal to viewers if it is the right fit. Our challenge is to convey relevant reasons why a particular property is the right fit for as many potential buyers as possible. The advantage of video is the amount of information that can be communicated with the tools available to a real estate videographer. The other advantages of video is it is not constrained by audience size, and it can be watched at the viewers leisure.

Real estate videos are not a replacement to photography because of it’s unbeatable convenience. Rather it is complimentary as it informs beyond that of static images. Video is rapidly maturing into a priceless resource for realtors, because it conveys to imminent purchasers information that emotionally connects them with a property. Dismantling their anxiety towards such an important purchase. Assuring them that their interest is warranted. Of particular value is being able to present the property to viewers who may not of otherwise had the time to view the property. They can be viewed conveniently. Any time. Any place. By exploiting a skilled real estate videographer, realtors are able to present their listings dynamically, conveying it’s suitability while enhancing the listings credibility.

As indicated by, property postings that incorporate video get a 403% increase in interest. Furthermore, the National Association of Realtors determined that an incredible 73% of mortgage holders are likely to pick a real estate agent who provides video promotion, however only 9% of real estate agents are capitalizing on this interest. This implies that realtors who do cash in on video postings are at a huge benefit in drawing in potential buyers and sellers. Therefore using a real estate videographer is the surest way you out compete other realtors in the area. Faster turn around, with consistent satisfactory sale prices will make a realtor more attractive to sellers. All the reasons that video attracts buyer also apply to sellers.

Real estate videos can be shared via numerous platforms including Youtube, Google Video, Facebook, Instagram, and numerous real estate multi listing sites. Recordings give versatile advertising that gives specialists more prominent degree, rising above the limits of other promoting devices and contacting new crowds. Consolidating visual and audio components, real estate videos set the vibe for a property. Ushering purchasers in, make them agreeable and murmur expects a home.

For example reported 73.8% of all Internet video traffic will be long-form video in 2021. By utilizing video to help market listings, realtors have the chance to advance online video growth, allowing imminent purchasers access to extensive and engaging promoting material.

At Nathan James Photography and Videography, we realize the potential to communicate to purchasers their possible future in the property. Therefore we create videos that integrate engaging editing, lighting, camera perspectives, stimulating music and narrative. We focus on designing an alluring experience for purchasers. Thereby assisting them through a genuine response and expectation of their future home.

Owners and agents can brief us on direction of the video project or leave it to us. Our mission is to achieve a satisfying real estate video that lights up their listing. Contact us today and discover how video can super charge your properties marketing.

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