Real Estate Videographers Charges

How Much Do Videographers Charge for Real Estate Videos?

Real Estate Video Charges

Understanding real estate videographers charges is essential in determining what can be achived on a budget. Real estate videos can significantly increase the appeal of a property and attract more potential buyers. Let’s dive deep into the costs associated with this valuable marketing tool and what influences these prices.

Factors Influencing Real Estate Videographers Charges

First, it’s important to recognize that several factors influence real estate videographers charges. The type of video, the complexity of the shoot, the experience of the videographer, and the equipment used all play crucial roles. Knowing these can help you make an informed decision.

Type of Video: The type of video you choose has a substantial impact on the cost. Basic walkthrough videos are the least expensive, offering a simple tour of the property. These are ideal for smaller listings or budget-conscious sellers. In contrast, cinematic videos, which include aerial drone footage, agent interviews and voice over, are more expensive but provide a high-quality presentation that can make your property stand out.

Videographer’s Experience: Secondly, the experience of the videographer is a major factor. Experienced videographers with a robust portfolio and proven track record tend to charge more. Their expertise often translates into higher-quality videos that can significantly enhance your property’s marketability. Hiring a seasoned professional might be more expensive upfront, but the potential return on investment is obvious.

Equipment and Technology: The type of equipment used also influences the price. High-end cameras and audio, drones, and advanced editing software can enhance video quality but come at a higher cost. Videos shot with drones or featuring 3D walkthroughs tend to be more expensive due to the technology and skill required.

Types of Real Estate Videography and Their Charges

Now, let’s break down the different types of real estate videography and its typical costs. Understanding these categories will help you decide which type suits your needs and budget.

Our real estate videos are in Full HD quality and come with background music. Each video starts with the property address and ends with your agency’s branding and contact details. We can customise these as required.

Pricing Breakdown:

There is a Call Out fee applied to all site visits. See details.

  • 1-minute video (up to 20 clips, 1-2 bedroom home): $275
  • 1.5-minute video (up to 30 clips, 3-4 bedroom home): $335
  • 2-minute video (up to 40 clips, large home): $395


  • Drone Footage (up to 6 clips, 15-30 sec): Add $70.
    – Includes one property location marker.
    – Extra location labels (up to 5): $55 per clip.
  • Agent Interview/Voice Over: Add $70
  • Community Footage (up to 6 clips, 15-30 sec): Add $70

The video will be delivered by a download link on Vimeo and a YouTube link.
Delivered in 3 full working days.

A Call out fee applies for all site visits. Multiple services can be combined per visit.

Importance of Effective Promotion

Furthermore, it’s not just about creating the video; effective promotion is key. Real estate videos should be shared across multiple platforms, including social media, property websites, and email campaigns. This ensures maximum visibility and attracts potential buyers. High-quality videos can increase engagement and interest, leading to more inquiries and showings.

Social Media: Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are perfect for sharing real estate videos. These platforms offer great reach and the ability to target specific demographics. Effective use of hashtags, captions, and engaging thumbnails can significantly increase viewership.

Property Websites: Listing your video on popular real estate websites ensures it reaches serious buyers. Websites like, and the agents website. They provide a broad audience of potential buyers actively looking for properties.

Email Campaigns: Sending your video to a targeted list of potential buyers or real estate agents can also be very effective. Personalizing these emails and including compelling calls to action can drive more traffic to your listing.

Customisation and Return on Investment

In addition, customisation options offered by videographers can affect the price. Customised videos tailored to highlight specific features of a property can be more expensive but often provide a better return on investment (ROI). Personalized videos resonate more with potential buyers, making them worth the additional cost.

Tailored Content: Tailored content means the video is specifically designed to highlight the unique features of your property. Whether it’s a stunning kitchen, beautiful garden, or state-of-the-art home office, customised videos focus on what makes your property special. This tailored approach can make your listing stand out in a crowded market.

Increased Engagement: Customised videos tend to keep viewers engaged longer. Potential buyers are more likely to watch the entire video, increasing the chance of them contacting you for more information or scheduling a viewing. This increased engagement can lead to quicker sales and potentially higher offers.

Higher Perceived Value: Professionally produced, customised videos can create a perception of higher value for your property. This can justify a higher asking price and attract serious buyers who are willing to pay a premium for a property that stands out.

Why Nathan James Photography and Videography Stands Out

In conclusion, when considering real estate videographers charges, it’s essential to think about the value provided. Nathan James Photography and Videography offers exceptional value in terms of return on investment and simple customisation. Their experienced team delivers high-quality, customised videos that enhance property listings and attract more buyers. With competitive pricing and tailored services, Nathan James Photography and Videography is the best choice for your real estate videography needs.

Nathan James Photography and Videography excels in creating videos that provide a high return on investment. They understand the real estate market and know how to highlight a property’s best features. Their customised videos are tailored to make each listing stand out, attracting more potential buyers and increasing the likelihood of a sale.

Moreover, their commitment to using the latest technology ensures that each video is of the highest quality. From high-definition footage to aerial drone shots, they offer a range of options to fit any budget and need. Their professional editing services ensure that each video is polished and engaging, keeping viewers interested from start to finish.

Finally, Nathan James Photography and Videography’s competitive pricing and comprehensive services make them a standout choice. They offer packages that cater to different budgets and requirements, ensuring you get the best value for your money. Their dedication to customer satisfaction means you can trust them to deliver videos that not only meet but exceed your expectations.

In summary, understanding real estate videographers charges and the factors influencing them can help you make informed decisions. Whether you need a basic walkthrough or a high-end cinematic video, knowing what to expect can ensure you get the best value. Nathan James Photography and Videography offers the expertise, customisation, and competitive pricing needed to make your property listings shine.