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How a Professional Photographer will Spice Up Your Online Property Listing

Ways a professional photographer will spice up your property listing

Sure there are the obvious things, like an excellent description and professional photography of the primary areas of the home or property that shows buyers that yes, this property actually is centrally located and has a bathroom as promised. But unless your property looks appealing to viewers, you’re going to have more page bounces and fewer sales. That’s why when it comes to successful property listings, it’s crucial to hire a professional photographer to conduct all the visual marketing for you. You can spice up your property listing by:

  • Having professionals take the photos. There’s nothing worse than having pictures of a beautiful property that just don’t do it justice. If images are taken on a phone or subpar equipment, chances are they aren’t going to showcase the property for all that it is. That’s why hiring a professional photographer is paramount when advertising a property for lease or sale online.
  • Professional videography. Same goes for this one. No one likes a shaky video that is distorted and has poor lighting. Not when it’s of a property they are looking to buy anyway. A professional videographer (like us as Nathan James Photography and Videography) comes prepared, using the latest equipment and technology to ensure an accurate and professional real estate video that highlights all of the best features a property has to offer.
  • Floorplans. So many online listings don’t include a property floorplan, so if you want to stand out, a floorplan might just be the way to go. It shows buyers precisely what the property looks like from a top-down perspective, giving them an opportunity to imagine how they might design the space upon purchase.
  • 360 virtual tours. 360 virtual tours are interactive for viewers, making a fun online experience for potential buyers. Made with special lenses by experienced Professional Photographers, a virtual property tour allows viewers to experience the property from every angle, an opportunity not afforded on most property listings. So stand out online, and contact Nathan James Photography and Videography to take care of your real estate virtual tour today.

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